Shut Down: Seattle Tofu Company and Restaurant Had "Rodents (Live and Dead) and Rodent Feces in the Processing Facility," Among Other Horrors


Aw, goddammit. I thought this place was delicious. What a rotten way to find out your tastes lean towards the heavy end of the rat shit spectrum.
Tofu: The Other White Meat.

(by the way, bean curds are wonderful things, but did you realize all soy-based products are 80-90 pct GMO nowadays in the US?)
Is rat meat considered vegan?

No, but the feces are. *rimshot*
Another blow to the vegan infrastructure of Seattle, it seems.
Well, is it any worse than a place where you find used condoms in children's play area?

But I've been there a couple of times. They're really nice. I hope they're able to fix this. The store front used to be another Vietnamese deli, then sat empty for years till they took over.
@3: No but I realized that all of your comments are 80-90 percent bullshit. (The rest is mostly punctuation and the letters FTW).
@6: Yes it is worse, because I do not go to the play area and put the floor in my mouth.

Not saying they should be run out of town on a rail, but no one who lets rats and pigeons shit in the food should be allowed to serve food to the public.
Washington State should require the window front display of health department ratings of all food establishments. It wouldn't guarantee (ratings obviously might be wrong or unfair sometimes) but it would better inform the public with regard to severe violators.
Hell, no. This isn't a second chance. Now it's more like a fourth or fifth chance. And this isn't about forgetting to store meats on the bottom or some of the stock being expired. It's about PICKING YOUR FRIGGING NOSE before serving food, lying to the customers about what's in the food, and rats running around. (AND PIGEONS ON VATS!!! Right, David?) Sounds like the only thing this nice, wonderful lady cares about is cutting corners, all the time and everytime, and papering over the holes with all this inspirational phooey. Thank god I never ate there. If I had, I'd be running for the toothpaste and the Listerine right now. I know you take some risks when you eat out, but this is ridiculous.
If this is what vegans eat, I'll stay with my meat dishes thank you very much!
Oh dear. Lesson learned: Next time, I'm gonna check and see how many pigeons are perched on a place's exposed soaking vats before giving it the public thumbs-up.
This is every racist cliche' about Asian restaurants come to fruition.
Down here in Oly the county's restaurant inspection results are given in the paper weekly. It sounds like this FDA process is different though, geared toward the manufacturing side?
@4: If honey doesn't count, I think poop is "safely" considered an animal product.
This does remind me though of another vegetarian friend's famous question in another restaurant 'how many legs does a noodle have?'
@13: It's missing several, as far as I can imagine.
In comparison, Northwest Tofu's problem with 'inadequate hand washing facilities' is no big deal. I kind of want to know whether it was one pigeon or multiple pigeons on the vats at this place.
@17, well nothing about seagull traps on the roof...
How to get the Ho Chi Minh Shits locally!
Well, I guess I'll stick to Guiness cupcakes with Irish Cream frosting for the rest of my life. Problem solved.
Check out the Google streetview of their factory (those tarps and boxes behind the white van). This is going to take more than a little retraining to fix.
And the back door of the factory.
Shit shit shit shit shit. Of course everything I thought was such a good deal at Uwajimaya is actually mostly poo:…
Tofu is filthy.
@7 Don't forget the Sad Trombone sound effect. All of Useless Will's posts are accompanied by the Sad Trombone.
You have to supply it yourself, using your imagination. But it's there!
The difference between tofu and meat is that people pay extra for more body parts & bodily fluids in their meat.
@7 and you'd be wrong. Do some actual research. Heck, just read the print edition of the Stranger that you're commenting in ... the answers were in here.
Shit. Well I was afraid that this place was too good to be true. GAH
You fed your customers RAT FUCKING SHIT!!! How does that help me live a better lifestyle?

May you never be allowed to open an establishment that serves food EVER AGAIN!!!!
Will is Seattle is Seattle's Own Village Idiot. Fuck me, he's dumber than a rock.
I ate there a half a dozen times (possibly more) and I am pissed. After living in NYC and eating of the carts (read, rat traps) on Mott and Canal - my life just lost about 2 more years. Damn it!! This really bums me out.
They said they found rats and rat feces in the 'facility' not in the food. There's a difference.

Personally, I'm willing to take risks with some foods, but not with Tofu. I only buy Tofu from large companies that have contracts with the big chains. I want to know they're being made accountable, and aren't going to be taking risks with hygiene.

Tofu is like Aagar - what you use in high school science to grow bacteria.
About 1% of USDA beef has e.coli in it prior to cooking. About 1% of healthy livestock cows have e.coli in their intestines. So, roughly 100% of the time you eat beef it has cooked or frozen animal shit in it. It tends to get everywhere after they cut cows' throats and they flail around.
Not that I advocate bringing anything resembling the "L.A. Lifestyle" to lovely Seattle,but they DO have a pretty handy system of signage in LA County for eateries. A large 'A' in the window shows that they've passed muster for regs and cleanliness. It's easy to avoid (or at least enter with 'caveat emptor') any establishment that has a C in the window. Couldn't King Co. do something similar?
So, "About 1% " = "roughly 100%."
Got it...
What on earth does it take to get shut down then & there instead of being issued a series of warning letters..?

Also, I happen to have some Chu Minh fried tofu in the freezer... Throw it out or cook it well?

I dunno. Throw it out to be 100% safe, but cooking it well is probably okay. Like @33 said, the report is of ratshit in the facility, not the food, and if illness were a serious problem, we'd probably have heard of an outbreak by now. And anyway, it was already fried when you bought it. So maybe cook it well.
36: I was trying to do some math... 1% of meat has E. coli, but only 1% of cows have E. coli. That means the 99% of meat without E. coli likely has shit on it from the 99% of cows that don't have E. coli. Rough math is all you can do, since nobody tracks shit in meat because they just assume you'll cook it hot enough for it not to matter. The USDA doesn't even care about E.Coli (which only comes from shit & intestines) at lowish levels because of the assumption that everyone cooks it.

You should cook your tofu as well, even if only rare cases like this have animal contamination, unlike meat, where it comes standard.
Call me old-fashioned, but I have a rule of thumb about restaurants: if they don't care about the dining room, they care even less about the kitchen. I walk through little Saigon quite frequently, and there are only a few restaurants I would consider patronizing. The businesses, by and large, have no pride. Everything is dirty.
Aw, goddammit. What a rotten way to find out your tastes lean towards the heavy end of the rat shit spectrum.

I hate to tell you this, but we already knew. By the way, I've been told there was a lot of rat-fucking going on back there, not all of it consensual.

"I was trying to do some math... 1% of meat has E. coli, but only 1% of cows have E. coli. That means the 99% of meat without E. coli likely has shit on it from the 99% of cows that don't have E. coli."

This. Makes. No. Sense.

Oh, man! Can't say I am surprised. I wanted to like this place so much-- it was all vegan and they made their own soy milk and that lady was always so nice! Until one day when I found a bunch of pubes in my soy pork. :-(
@33 Just a "more you know" but agar is just a starch, like pectin, that forms a gelatinous matrix when a sufficient amount is cooked into water. What bacteria grow on in the agar mix is a mix of sugars and proteins, which of course tofu has plenty of. So the thrust of your point is right.
"About 1% of healthy livestock cows have e.coli in their intestines."

That's alarming. You'd think that 100% of healthy livestock cows -- or any other mammal -- would have e. coli in their intestines. That's because e. coli is the predominant intestinal bacteria. That's why it has coli in the name.