We Have a Pope Bigot! Dominic Holden and Dan Savage have feelings about Pope Frank.

You're Not In Traffic, You Are Traffic: Now that we're officially in the top ten for suck-ass commutes, and now that Seattleites are more public-transit-happy than we've been since the 1950s, maybe we should talk about real transit options? Mayor McGinn and Tim Burgess got a little catty over transit this week, but none of the mayoral candidates are proposing anything revolutionary, along the lines of London's bike-friendly proposal.

The Drunkard's Tale: The complicated story of the Canterbury's closing has inspired lots of emotion.

It's a Food-Based Shitstorm! PETA's offer to cook vegan food for kids is refused, and Stranger staffers discover that they very likely might have eaten rat shit.

Charity Case: Christopher Frizzelle considers sending the executive director of DList magazine back to Las Vegas.

Who Knew That Would Be Controversial? Slog commenters feel very strongly about living in small, affordable apartments. Many of them are against it?

Nerds Have Feelings: About Google Reader and what the best Star Trek series is. (Spoiler alert: The Slog poll is wrong; everyone with any sense knows that the best Star Trek series is the original. Period.)

Comment Thread of the Week: I very much enjoyed the comments on this post.

Go forth and enjoy your weekend, Kirk-and-Spock style.