It's a Wonderful America


Wait, are you implying that people beyond third grade read slog? I like your new edge Paul, takin risks.
Such a blatantly stereotypical image of an Indian!
I say that if Columbus had failed to discover the West Indies, it might have set European exploitation of the Americas back no more than 10 years. I submit that since the first British settlement that stuck didn't land until 1607, it would have had piss-all to do with the formation of the United States of America. Probably would have had a significant impact on the development of South America, however.
Is he implying that if Columbus hadn't "discovered" America, then the continent wouldn't even exist?
@5, Apparently so. Without the European gaze, nothing actually exists, of course. China didn't exist until Marco Polo made it over there, and it was forever until Australia finally existed, poor sods. Then all those little tiny islands? ...that took ages, they were so hard to find! Fortunately not long after we found most of those South Sea islands, we gratefully nuked the shit out of them with multiple bomb tests. Lucky them!
@5, didn't you see it disappear?!?? It's right there on video!
I find Dinesh d'Souza's filmmaking efforts very encouraging. Man, if THAT guy can get his films financed and released, there's loads of hope for people with actual talent.
next up: what if d'souza's aunt had balls?
@4 I think that if the Spanish Conquest had been slowed to any significant degree, the French, Dutch, Portuguese, or even the British would have exploited the vacuum.
Which is the chicken, and which is the egg? Do you actually have to be of sub-normal intelligence to qualify as a conservative "thinker" in 2013? Or are painfully simple-minded people just far more attracted to this ideology? It's amazing how all this propaganda is crafted to appeal to idiots.
Why does just North America disappear at the end? I'm really confused.
How frakking difficult is it to create a trailer where the sound mix isn't so bad that the gawdawful music overwhelms the narration? Amateurishness at its worst. Instant credibility loss at its best.