Lunchtime Quickie: Let's Play Who's The Bigger Assh*le


Or the kid!
The asshole who provoked the incident. Think about it. If you're a cop, and suddenly someone jumps in front of you, they could have a gun and start shooting. That's why he did it, too frighten them and thus piss them off.
The cops are assholes. The kid's a dumbass.
All of them are assholes
I was going to say the cops reaction was pretty restrained and the opposite of assholeish until the "filmed that" and "ruin your day" portion of the program.
The guys who arrested someone who hasn't broken any laws.
They're all assholes. The dude's other videos are just a parade of petty annoyances inflicted on random strangers.
@6: My thoughts exactly.
Plenty of cops are abusive assholes but anybody who intentionally provokes them like this is an asshole and an idiot. He's an idiot because, as 3 noted, if they feel threatened they might just draw on you. He's an asshole because he's making their job more stressful for no good reason. This is bad for the cops and it's bad for anybody who has to deal with those cops in the future.

When dealing with cops, as a general rule, there's no reason to treat them with anything other than respect until they prove they don't deserve it. It's a tough dangerous job.

Of course, if (hypothetically) they pepper spray a bunch of seated protesters then they should be filmed, turned in, lose their job and go to jail for assault.

As for the asshole idiot who did this video, based on the other video's of his that this links to when you're done it looks like he makes a habit of doing asshole things to other people and filming it. I hope they threw him in jail, at least for the night. I also hope they broke his camera.
Both of those cops need to be fired.
Neither of those cops needs to be fired. Jumper Boy earned every second of his ruined day. What a dickhead.
Hmmm... I wonder how he got the camera back?

Moral of the story: Don't do this alone (like this guy did). Always have a buddy who can quietly walk away with the evidence.

I wonder what the cops would have done if he just did the move and kept running without breaking stride? Would they have lost a few seconds turning around to see if someone was chasing him or cheering him on? Would they have chased him themselves? I'm thinking he could have gotten away with the stunt itself. It was the stopping and probable smirking that probably burned the cops the most.
The guys abusing their authority are always the bigger assholes.

That said, other people can be giant assholes as well.
Wow what a bunch of dicks you guys are :D

So jumper boy... broke a law? No? He get to film in a public place, right? He may have broken some law jumping over some other human... but as laws go thats not really much. What could that be endangering something or other?

Lets see then, the cops. Both heavily armed, militia-men with specific rights and privileges that others do not have. But also with a huuuuuge chunk of responsibilities.
They don't get to arrest you for filming them. They don't get to erase files from your phone or camera.

And they are supposed to react appropriately to situations. They can threaten someone like they did, its not good but its not illegal or anything. But if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance that they panic and open fire like spooked horses then they probably shouldn't be cops. Lets hope these two are at least good enough for that.

Then there is the difference between "random dude doing dumb stuff" and "the armed branch of the justice system doing dumb stuff".
@14 Exactamundo!

Cop jumping? Asshole! Arresting a kid, not for cop jumping, but for _filming_ an act of cop jumping? Maybe not a firing offense, but sure worthy of a reprimand and public shaming.
The only reason the cops restrained him was because he filmed it *in a public place*. They should be disciplined ar the very minimum.
@7,15 Actually, what the dipshit did from the jump has been held up in court repeatedly as assaulting a police officer. There are probably several other charges that the cops could easily put on him, resisting arrest would probably hold up on the video evidence alone, when the guy attempted to run to his device before the officers.

Now, as I said, the cops were going to let the prick go, until they saw he was filming, which I originally interpreted as aggravated assholery, but if their concern was that this would prompt copycats and the like, they may get a pass on that.
Asshole needs to learn that PEOPLE ARE NOT FURNITURE. Yeah, not even cops. It is apparent from his other videos that has no conception of this. He's also resisting arrest. Fucking entitled douchenozzle; it's a shame his arm doesn't appear broken.
You poke a bear, and then you start crying when he turns around and attacks you. No sympathy for this kid, or for those protesters (a small minority, but still) who do everything they can to provoke cops into overreacting.
@14 is right. The kid's dumb, but it requires the position of power and the abuse of said power to be an asshole.

It is perfectly within the right of every citizen to record in public and record the police. And you have to be actually under arrest before you can resist arrest (they tackeled him before he had broken any laws or was told he was being arrested). Which all means Fnarf is officially full of shit and can suck it.
@20. Bears are predators and a different species who see us as lower animals on the food chain. Police are not supposed to be bears. They are supposed to be fellow citizens protecting the citizenry and defending the laws and constitution.

The philosophy behind your simplistic bear analogy is the problem behind all police abuse and brutality.
I'll bet the cops are a little irritated (maybe embarrassed) to be taken unawares. The cops I know tend to sit across from each other to watch each other's backs. Especially after Maurice Clemmons shot the four police in Lakewood. That might have led to the reaction about filming.

I would have checked the guy's ID for any warrants, to see if he was a past or possibly future threat. That was when the guy started to resist. That being said, the cops were well within their rights to react as if it were an attack that went awry. Like slamming a baseball bat on the table next to them. Don't be a passive aggressive fool with the police.
Did you see the way those cops were dressed? Going out in public like that, they were just asking to be jumped over.
Why do you think the cop was being an asshole?
This is somewhat equivalent to protesters mocking and getting in the faces of police that are trying to keep a line, and then berating them when the snap and arrest someone.
@21, if you harass the police, you will suffer for it, and you will deserve that suffering. If you harass ANYONE in public, you are a douchebag of the first order. Grow up, and act like a human being. Cops are there not just to nitpick the municipal code; they're there to maintain the social order. The social order does not include jumping over people from behind. It's a violation of personal space, and it is probably assault.

Here's a thought experiment: imagine this dickhole tries this stunt with some armed gang members. How do you think that's going to play out?

The growing trend of invasive "pranking" for Youtube kudos is going to get someone hurt soon, if it hasn't already. It needs to be stamped out, hard. This kid got off light. Again: PEOPLE ARE NOT FURNITURE.
Good night, what an asshole. Notice how the jumper focused his camera first on the cop's sidearm before panning back? One thing we demand of cops--that ALL OF US demand of cops--is that they not get their guns swiped. Anybody who tries to make a speedy stealth-n-startle approach near enough to grab at a cop's gun is going to get dealt with.

Trying to scare cops has nothing to do with fighting police brutality - all it does is COPY police brutality.
Agree with @12. This is a douchebag getting the reaction he hoped for. There are far, far worse cases of police misuse of power. I'll save my indignation for them.
Yeah, it's the kid. But I think the cops were dicks to only get pissed and arrest him when they found out that he taped it. (Although the obvious editing makes me wonder if they snipped something else the kid did. That's probably the case.)
@fnarf: Asshole needs to learn that PEOPLE ARE NOT FURNITURE

Furniture? I think you've missed the point. He's conducting live social "experiments" for his and our amusement. This form of programming goes back at least as far as Alan Funt's Candid Camera, and it's pretty much exploded with YouTube. Google "Scary Snowman Prank" for one of my favorites from this genre.

If you asked me how the cops would react to being "jumped over" in this fashion, I honestly couldn't have predicted and they probably couldn't have either.

P.S. There's no way in hell the cops bothered to bring this kid back to the station.
They did not say they were arresting him, they said they were ruining his afternoon. Note that they were responding appropriately until they realized they were being filmed, which was when they escalated, became completely unprofessional, and now pose a future liability to their employer. It is trivially easy for the next person they assault to demonstrate a pattern of inappropriate response. If the municipality they're employed by fails to take action and this is a pattern within the police force, they're now open to a class action lawsuit as well as possible federal intervention. Disciplining the cops is not about this particular situation (yeah, punk was an asshole--that's not illegal). It's about maintaining discipline and good order on the force.
In a rare occurrence, I'm gonna disagree with Fnarf.

Sure, the kid is an idiot, and tempting fate by pulling a stunt like that on cops probably isn't smart.

That being said, he didn't touch them. He committed no crime that I can think of (well, other than running away once they started to try to arrest him). At worst, he mildly annoyed them and startled them for a split second. That is not against the law. His buddy filmed the incident, which any of us can do at any time in a public place. Also not against the law.

The cops wildly abused their position of power and arrested him for no good reason other than to prove how macho they are.

The kid is a bit of an idiot, but the cops are total assholes.
@33: Personal space is a thing. Violate it at your peril.

@30: I'm not missing the point. I'm aware of what he's doing, and how funny he thinks it is. But unless he stops he's in line for a significant beatdown, and I for one will applaud the ones who deliver it, whether they wear uniforms or not. You don't target cops, and you don't target people minding their business. We are not here for your amusement.
It always amazes me how many people confuse assault with battery.
I'm reminded of Bertie Wooster spending time in the dock for failing to get away after drunkenly trying to snatch away a policeman's helmet on Boat Race Night.

He was hauled before the magistrate, Sir Watkyn Bassett (yes, he of the silver cow-creamer), who fined him five pounds, and an entire comic novel ensued.

I wish this young asshole a happy ending as well.
If someone did that to me, I would be super pissed, because if they misjudged their leap by just a few inches, they could kick me in the freaking head. What a stupid and reckless thing. The cops weren't endangering the safety of a bystander for kicks; therefore, not the assholes here.
"Note that they were responding appropriately until they realized they were being filmed, which was when they escalated, became completely unprofessiona"

I agree with that. And that's weird, because you'd think that cops would get MORE professional when they learn they're being recorded. Plus, I would think that once you arrest someone, you're not allowed to delete their video evidence of the incident. They started out fairly reasonable, then ran in the other direction.
I'm really surprised by the bootlicking deference being shown to the cops by the majority of the commenters. There seems to be an almost Soviet-level acceptance of the idea that the authorities must be deferred to. "You don't mess with the cops." You'd think I was reading the paper from my Alabama hometown.

The cops' lack of reaction immediately after the jump makes it clear that they didn't feel they were in any danger. They don't arrest someone for breaking a law; they "ruin his day" for filming them. These are jumped-up junior high hall monitors who will abuse their extraordinary powers against anyone who doesn't tip his hat and call them sir.
@fnarf: But unless he stops he's in line for a significant beatdown

Maybe, maybe not. The whole point is to violate expectations and see what happens.

We are not here for your amusement.

And yet people put in weird situations are undeniably amusing, perhaps even more so if there's a beatdown.

and I for one will applaud the ones who deliver it

My point exactly.
In this particular incident the cop is the bigger asshole, but if you watch the prankster's other videos, which includes obnoxious shit like filming himself trying to kiss total strangers, getting into stranger's cars, or pretending to fall asleep on their shoulders, as well as cutting a video of some of the most gawdawful white-boy hip hop I've ever seen, it's obvious that not only has the guy dedicated his entire life to asshollery, he's trying to cash in on it via YouTube.