I have a purely technical buttplug question inspired by your latest SLLOTD. I'm in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. We don't use protection except during pregnancy control. Is there any reason beyond STI issues that we shouldn't share a buttplug?

Sextoys Are Pricey

My response after the jump...


Yes: cooties.

Most butt plugs aren't that expensive. You can get two high-quality basic butt plugs for sixty bucks. Surely you can afford that. (If you can't afford it, maybe you could get a second job and save up for that extra butt plug?) And since you're straight, SAP, splurging on two butt plugs means you can each have one in while you have vaginal intercourse—and how awesome would that be?

But if you absolutely, positively cannot afford two butt plugs—if the choice is between an extra butt plug and feeding your family—you can always roll a condom over your sad single butt plug before sticking it in the wife. Then when it's your turn, SAP, pull that condom off (turning it inside out in the process), roll a fresh one over it, and stick that sad single butt plug in your own ass.

One butt plug will never be as much fun as two, SAP, and eventually the expense of using two condoms each time you take turns plugging each other will exceed the cost of the second butt plug. So why not just splurge on two, huh?