From Eroyn Franklins Dear Dear: Spoiler alert: It’s not an angel.
  • From Eroyn Franklin's Dear Dear: Spoiler alert: It’s not an angel.

While those who experiment with prose and poetry are often marginalized in some ghetto (Oulipo, dadaism, erasure, Flarf) far away from the classics of literature, the greatest works in comics could almost all be considered experimental. Chris Ware's comics broke new ground in panel layout and page design, Art Spiegelman's Maus inserted the type of cute characters you'd find in kids' comics into the Holocaust, Lynda Barry's primitivism made confessional comics feel even more human. Maybe it's just because comics as a medium is still so new, or perhaps it's because they live in the rough territory between the two disparate disciplines of words and pictures, but experimentation feels essential to the act of creating comics.

And nobody in Seattle is doing more to experiment with comics than Eroyn Franklin...

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