A communications spokesman for Franciscan Health System, the Catholic hospital organization that runs St. Anthony in Gig Harbor, sent along this statement admitting that a hospital employee called the cops on a patient on Monday after smelling marijuana on him, as I reported yesterday. Scott Thompson writes:

At Franciscan Health System we take the health and well-being of our patients very seriously. In this case, one of the staff members at our Prompt Care facility in Gig Harbor was concerned that a patient may be impaired and would be operating his motorcycle after his appointment. Out of concern for the safety of the patient and other motorists, local law enforcement was contacted to investigate the situation.

We apologize that the patient may have been embarrassed by the response. We are investigating the situation further so we can ensure that future situations are handled in the best and most compassionate way possible.

The statement is vague and doesn't address whether the employee will be disciplined for apparently breaching Matthew Zimmerman's privacy. It also doesn't address the seeming double-standard applied to Zimmerman versus, say, a patient who smelled of booze. Would a nurse immediately call the cops on a patient smelling of booze? Or would she sooner call a cab?