The New York Times says that Jimmy Fallon is going to take over The Tonight Show next year.

While the network has yet to complete a deal, it has made a commitment to Jimmy Fallon, the current host of its “Late Night” program, to have him succeed Jay Leno as the next host of “Tonight,'’ according to several senior television executives involved in the decision. The show would move from Burbank, Calif., back to New York, where it first started in 1954 with Steve Allen as host.

Some details remain to be worked out, including an exact timetable for the switch, though it is expected to take place by the fall of 2014 at the latest, the executives said in interviews this week.

Most of you probably don't remember this, but there was a young man named Conan who, years ago, tried to take the Tonight Show throne from Jay Leno. Nobody heard from this Conan ever again. I find it hard to believe that Fallon can succeed where Conan failed. What do you think?