If a stranger in Belltown offered you free bagels could you refuse? One man certainly couldn't, and his frugality cost him his wallet, a Seattle police report alleges.

It was around 4 p.m. on March 15, approaching dinner time, and one hungry man was walking along Lenora Street downtown when he spotted a man giving away free bagels on the sidewalk. The man stopped and ate three bagels, he later told police. The ostensibly charitable bagel peddler asked if he wanted more bagels. He "replied in the affirmative," the report states.

Apparently, the bagels were stashed in an alley—never a good sign—because that's where the bagel purveyor beckoned the man to go. So he did.

However, once he entered the alley, he was allegedly "pushed from behind and landed face down on the concrete," the police report states. "The suspect then kicked him in the right ankle and ripped his wallet from his right rear pants pocket."

The victim was able to regain his feet and follow his alleged attacker for a short while. He "asked the suspect to return his wallet, and the suspect stated that it was 'his wallet,'" the report states. The victim estimated that the contents of his wallets amounted to $10. The suspect allegedly told the victim that he was going to sell it for $5.