Student Is Outraged When His Smutty Story About His Teacher Gets Him Thrown Out of School


I like how he doesn't get the difference between writing erotica and turning in erotica about a teacher into that teacher. Totally harassment! As long as the thought police isn't breaking down your door when you write out your hot for teacher fantasies, your first amendment rights aren't being violated.
That's seriously creepy.
I wrote a story where the teachers got killed and I got a good grade, so I dunno...
I don't really know how I feel about the issue itself. It is rather edgy and probably the most interesting submission she received, but nevertheless creepy and probably crosses the line of appropriateness. My much larger concern is the fact that this guy's turning in handwritten papers? In cursive!? Does he not own a... um, a fucking typewriter!?!
@4 I was still on the fence until I read his little cover letter to the essay. He wasn't trying to be all post-post-whatever, he was just being a dick.
In between getting an "A" for his writing, and being forced to register as a sex offender.... Hey, why not both!
I have never had a teacher I would ever ever want to write erotica about.
" was raw, unedited material that was never supposed to see the light of day."

Then, I suppose he shouldn't have turned it in to be read, huh?
when women do this it is considered cute and possibly hot. you would never hear about it in a news story either. if it was very unwanted, it would be dealt with internally. a man does it? he's a creep and kicked out, no mediation or warning.

none of us have read this, so we can't say how threatening it might have been. but if it was really just a creative writing piece, take a breath and realax. uncomfortable? talk to him about it. he certainly seems rational in the interview.
I'd think a married guy his age would at least have some vague notion about what is appropriate in a classroom setting and what is not. Apparently, I'd be wrong.

Dude. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of your writing or your first Amendment rights. It has everything to do with sexually appropriate conduct between a teacher and student. Duh.
Inappropriate middle-aged student is inappropriate.
ok this shit he wrote was hilariously bad. hilarious cringe. but you take the opportunity to pull him aside, maybe with a counselor, and explain to him how fucking stupid this was. kick him out of the class i dont care. but if he is to learn, you give someone a warning and embarrass them just right. you dont just kick them out of school without learnin' them with a second chance (in another class).
He should have known better and kept his teacher-fantasies to his own journal, and/or the boys bathroom walls, like the rest of us did. Good lord. Are kids really getting dumber?

@10 - I see your point. However, boys grow up with male privilege, and if they don't get checked early & often, they grow up into rapey douchebags who think beating up gay people is a good time. Learning to be a dick starts at home, of course, but that's no reason to publicly condone it.
@10: I'll bite. When has a female student ever done this?
@14 - "Are kids really getting dumber?"

Did you watch the video? This student isn't a kid - he's a middle-aged man who, as an adult, should have displayed better judgement than this.
The Prof should counter-sue for sexual harassment.
I hear that's how David Lee Roth got thrown out of school.
Oh my God you guys. Did you read some of the excerpts? The cover letter alone begs a lawsuit,…

Oh and BTW, As a teacher of undergraduates way back when, it was my policy, and also the school's policy, to only allow typed papers to be handed in for final grading. One reason I hated handwritten papers was because they were TOO HARD TO READ.

But seriously, read this guy's introduction to the essay.
Oh, and his writing is atrocious. Really really bad.