Manufacturing Fear: We Need Assault Rifles to Protect Us from Arabs Crossing the Ocean


Mudede, you seriously need to read over your posts and titles before putting them up. Words missing in the headings, sentences that just abruptly end, more spelling errors than I care to count.

I mean, when the commenters have better spelling and grammar, you really need to tighten up your game.
@2: This is how he's getting page hits now. That, and being the most obvious troll the Stranger has ever employed.
What's with the Zero Dark Thirty watching this weekend? Anyway, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo also watched it and wrote about it, so there are some insightful responses. It's worth reading, but the gist seems to be that no, it's generally not a pro-torture film--at least not outrightly so--but Bigelow takes the easy way out by avoiding taking a position on torture. (Also, the film seems to avoid crediting Obama in any way.)
This is why we have to cancel our cable. This trash television. Complete garbage.
Yet more proof that Republicanism is a mental disorder, characterized by extreme paranoia and violent fantasies. I prescribe a course of clozapine for all known registered Republicans.
@5 don't forget the monthly CBC and ANC

I was about to say What about "It Gets Better" on MTV? Have you seen it? MTV reality show schlock (paved with good intentions). In short, Monsieur Brain of Piss, I mostly agree with you.
Iranians are not Arabs. Try again.
I watched it this weekend for the first time, must been something that I saw it on iTunes. I had a tough time with the torture scenes. I also had a tough time with all these people smoking and eating crap food on the screen.

I think Bigelow wanted to show the dirtiness and grittiness of this whole ordeal, and there are not good guys and bad guys. There are somethings that tended to be silly.
@4: the people that Fox is aimed at will never get rid of cable.

Fox is their pacifier. Except it makes them scared.
@3, avoiding taking a position on torture IS pro-torture.

Lou Dobbs is the biggest piece of shit on the entire right. He earns that position by being just intelligent and "reasonable" enough to let the ugly nose of racism under the tent flap, unlike, say a Beck or O'Reilly, who are completely batshit and dumb as posts. You can just sit back and laugh at Glenn Beck's idiocy, but Dobbs is, or used to be at least, a genuine threat to humanity, far more than any horde of Iranians (who are less likely to be Al Qaeda agents than American citizens are).
I'm amused that Charles is allowed to consider anything "slow, filled with rubbish information, and dangerously lacks political depth." Pot, meet kettle.
Yet more proof that Republicanism is a mental disorder
What is this supposed to mean? Are you trying to say that a person who has a mental disorder is an evil person who should be shunned? Are you trying to discriminate against people who have mental disorders? Or are you trying to stigmatize them? Or did you just use the term "mental disorder" because that is the worst thing that you can imagine and it is the ultimate insult?
@13, I think he's trying to say that Republicanism is a mental disorder. You know, an illness. Treatable, perhaps, but not in all cases.
If you don't like a film because of politics, that's fine. But don't try to wrap your disdain for it in a sophomoric critique that blasts it to pieces. After all, Zero Dark Thirty won an Oscar.
@14: No, "Pol Pot" is using the term as an insult.
The correct answer is "Israel has mandatory conscription for all citizens over the age of 18, Lou. Are you advocating that the right to keep and bear arms is contingent on military service?"

Goddamn clownshoes
@15: so did Halle Berry.
Raindrop was better when he was posting as GayDudeforRomney.
I watched it last night and had similar thoughts. Politics aside, it was slow and tedious. I also don't understand why Jessica Chastain won the Golden Globe.
@18: My point is that intellectual honesty demands separating political dispositions from the art. If we are to test this to the extreme, then a crucifix in a jar of urine is art, is it not? Even though it was blasphemous and disgusting.
If the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is able to bestow an Oscar for sound editing to Zero Dark Thirty, then it stands to reason that good people can disagree when it comes any politics but to retain their integrity as film critics they must acknowledge the Oscar winning achievements in the film. Whether or not you agree with the Academy's choices is immaterial.
@15 won an Oscar for sound editing. That's what you're referring to, right? It was nominated for Best Picture and Screenplay, but didn't win.
@22: Your point is flawed.

Serrano's Piss Christ is most definitely Art, and is a PHOTO of a crucifix in a jar of urine. It wasn't disgusting because it didn't smell like urine. In fact it's a beautiful photo, and that was the point.

Blasphemy makes for great art and has for over a 100 years.
@10 Cable can't survive with just Fux News subscribers.
I would love to see these two idiots on a shooting range with assault rifles.
@13- I'm nearly stating that being Republican is an illness, and that it can and should be treated with clozapine or another anti-psychotic. You're illness, sadly, I don't think can be cured. Suicide is your best option.
Merely.. Auto spell mishap
@24: Actually, you just reinforced my point in @22. Think about it.
So much stupid in a clip lasting only one minute and fifty one seconds.
@8: Yes, Iranians are not Arabs. But show me a FOX News personality who knows that...
Zero Dark Thirty was pretty fast and loose with the facts. One example was having people in Afghanistan and Pakistan all speak Arabic and eat hummus and tabbouleh. Wrong language, wrong culture and wrong food. Probably managed to insult millions of people in one go. Hard to believe they had a multi-million $$ budget and still couldn't figure out who's who. Hey, just like Fox after all!
I turned it off less than 15 minutes in. Basically, it's about on the level of having carl rove and george bush mentally jerk off their shared super-secret-awesome-special-forces-go-america wet dream into your mouth, while a middle-aged lady from the midwest named Tami chants "Soldiers are heroes who protect are blessed freedom" in a monotone.
@32: Fast and loose? Seems rather contorted to me. I believe that scene of the prisoner being offered hummus and tabbouleh was in Saudi Arabia, but even if was in Pakistan or Afghanistan it is so excruciatingly trivial as it is plausible and also under the purview of the creative license of the director.

BTW - Zero Dark Thirty is Annapurna Pictures, distributed by Columbia and Universal, not Fox (I'm not sure whether you were implying that or making some other comparison.)
@31- Venomlast, why do you hate gay anal sex and Fox News so bad? A little diversity in your sex and news might do you some good. You should be more open. Celebrate diversity !

Persians are not Arabs, but they sure look like them. Shi'a or Sunni? Who cares?

Although they like to thump their chests and say they are not Arabs, for the most part, it is a distinction without a difference (insert suicide bomb anywhere).
@35: Persians are not Arabs, and really don't look much like them. Have you ever met a Persian or an Arab?