Hieroglyph is a website "that brings together writers, scientists, engineers, technologists, industrialists and others to create ambitious new visions for the future." Now, local author Neal Stephenson is working with Hieroglyph to put together an anthology that gets science fiction authors thinking positively about the future again. The goal is to produce some Big Ideas to lead the way for scientists and engineers, the way sci-fi predicted space travel and the internet.

The idea is to get SF writers to contribute pieces to an anthology. These pieces would all be throwbacks, in a manner of speaking, to 1950′s-style SF, in that they would depict futures in which Big Stuff Got Done. We would avoid hackers, hyperspace, and holocausts. The ideal subject matter would be an innovation that a young, modern-day engineer could make substantial progress on during his or her career.

Go read Stephenson's whole article and visit the Hieroglyph site for more information.