If you were to ask me, THIS is the frickin' headline of the day:

Son of Westboro Baptist Church leader attacked on live TV by naked 500 lb man who burst out of bathroom, sat on him and shouted: 'Who's your daddy now?'

And who was this 500 lb. naked man? Seattle's Billy The Fridge, of course. See more of his NSFW exploits here.

Then read the whole article about the Westboro stunt, a SFW article on the dailymail.co.uk. It includes a really bizarre addendum to the story:

Robert Garrison, described as 'a 30-year-old sado-masochist from Florida', will be hammered onto a giant wooden cross behind a glass window in view of passersby at Battlecam TV's headquarters in Los Angeles...

...Mr Garrison [a gay man] will be left impaled by 12 inch nails for several hours while users of Battlecam TV's social networking website are invited to comment.

Watch the video after the jump. The naked Billy fun starts at the 1:33 mark.

The whole world has gone mad.