Battle of the Junk Foods: Cookie Chips or Bacon Jerky?


Bacon Jerky. Although I guess that's option 4.
Cookie chips clearly need a dip or salsa. But instead of dip or salsa, try peanut butter or melted chocolate. Though I guess those would both be dips. Maybe make some sort of salsa equivelent like chocolate and peanut butter chips mixed in a marshmallow fluff or frosting.
Where's the button for "All junk food is disgusting, unhealthy, corporate product and I want both of these in my alimentary chunnel IMMEDIATELY!"

I just had a mouth-hallucination of salty cinnamon sugar potato chips.

Why does this not exist already?

(The answer is of course that sugar is humectant, and water is the enemy of a crisp chip.)
Journalists (real ones) turn down free stuff all the time.
The Bacon Jerky has only 1g carbs per ounce, so this gay of a certain age is going to stock up pronto.
Put some Crunchy Cookie Butter on your Cookie Chip.
Why didn't anybody think of combining the bacon jerky with the cookie chips? Just use spray cheese in between the cookie chips to hold the bacon jerky. Then dip it in milk, like a cheesy bacon filled Oreo.

Hmm. I think I may need to patent this.
Cookie chips are AMAZING. I bought a bag out of curiosity and have switched over all my cookie eating habits to the chips. I like how they are smaller so I can eat one or two and not feel guilty.
Only Goldy's inquiring mind would think of microwaving the bacon jerky.
There is bacon flavored mouthwash now.
@4: Buy a bag of Taco Time's Crustos. Add salt. (OK, it's flour tortilla chips rather than potato. Better anyway.)

For best results go to Oregon, Washington TTs are chintzy on the Crustos.