RIP, Uncle Vernon


Piss on "Harry Potter". Griffiths was Uncle Monty in "Withnail and I". Rest in peace, sir.
Piss on "Withnail and I". Griffiths was Henry Allardyce in "A Private Function".
He will be missed.
I need to piss. RIPee
Personally, I remember him most from "The History Boys". A delicious performance.
@Fnarf: I remember laughing for days over the line "Offer him yourself."
@5, oh, you are so right.

And @1, I didn't really mean anything against his Uncle Monty. I saw Withnail at a tender age back during a time when it was entirely within the realm of imaginative possibility that a gay such as me might grow love-starved enough as I aged that I'd become indiscriminately lecherous.
Piss on you all: Henry Crabbe in Pie in the Sky!
So, in the spirit of "pouring one out for my homie", we're all going to piss on the ground tonight in honor of Richard Griffiths, right?
Uncle Salt Porker, RIP.
His character in every Harry Potter movie provided a dramatic foreshadowing of his own eventual real-life demise. In his on-screen rage, his face turned red, his eyes bulged, his already noisy, huffy breath got noisier and huffier. He was the very picture of a man about to die of heart disease.
He was only four years older than I am? (gulp)

Fine actor in the wonderful British tradition of acting/theatre. Left behind quite a legacy. Thanks for everything, Mr. Griffiths.
Right before he took the role of Vernon Potter he did a corporate training film role as "Aggravated Hotel Guest" to show trainees the horrors of bad customer service. If you ever worked for Meier & Frank or Lord & Taylor you probably watched it.