Miracle Moves Famous Atheist to Reassess His Beliefs


Thank you, Dan! Happy Easter!
I was lucky enough to meet him briefly after the 1st preview performance of "Matilda" in NYC a few weeks back, which is brilliant, go see it if your in NYC! Got to tell him how much I loved his "Pope Song", he replied, "Oh, my obsolete Pope song" (old Pope Bennie had already stepped down) I was so excited to meet him I didn't tell him it would never be obsolete to me! He's fucking fantastic, couldn't have been nicer to a star struck fan.
Brilliant - thanks Dan. I hope your husband "resurrects" your "lord" for Easter tomorrow (that's what we call it at my house.)
Tim tells it like it is. You really should try some mascara, Dan, maybe tonight? Terry said "Dress Dirty". Mascara kind of looks dirty if you smear it around and rub your eyes. Don't forget eyeliner too. Have a wonderfully fabulous Kiki tonight with your hot huzzband and Jake! Post PICS, please. Cheers!

(I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Monday will be 10 years for my brother. Oh how far we've come since they left us.)
Its not the mascara, it's the hair, you see. The bigger the hair, the closer to smog.
Dan, you have done a lot of things which have brought me happiness. Turning me on to Tim Minchin ranks near the top of the list. Brilliant as usual.
Dan, you must see Minchin's new musical, Matilda the Musical...better than the Book of Mormon.
Wow...brilliant is right!
When you don't believe in nothing mocking the beliefs of others must be all you have.....

Kate said don't be mean, Danny.

Maybe she got cancer back because you are such a spiteful petty bitter little queen.

Shame on you for giving Karen cancer (for the third fucking time)

Shame Shame Shame......
Fucking genius, indeed.

Thanks, Dan. Happy Easter, Passover, Average Weekend, and Whatever, to all.
He did this song when he played Seattle, and I'm super happy it's now available online!
Perfect song as I celebrate Super Saturday, the day after Awesome Friday & the day before Candy for Breakfast Day.
Tedious, obvious, and trite. I'm totally baffled that anyone out of high school more than a couple of years would find this genius.
What is it with dudes confusing mascara and eyeliner? Is it just that mascara is more fun to say? Masssss....SCARA.
Frankly, that's the same way I feel about Christianity, et al.
Call me a skeptic, but I don't think Tim is being sincere here.
Hi, Dan! I heard this the other day and thought of you: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/cu…
Tim gets away with it because he's a super-genius and his musical and lyrical talent is astronomically huge.
A perfect way to celebrate my Easter weekend. I hadn't heard this one before.

Thanks, Dan!
Thanks! Cheers!

Huge Tim fan here. A friend and I were lucky enough to see him in tiny clubs twice (Toronto and Boston), back in 2010/2011, where he did Pope Song, and my favorite You Grew On Me, and where he was loose and jokey and walked out with a beer in his hand and it was EXACTLY like you'd want your first Tim shows to be.

Not only is he imo brilliant and genius and a once in a lifetime talent - the link Dan provided isn't even his best atheistic song (that would be Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins):


(seriously - click the link - so brilliant, it's scary)

- but I also admire him for transforming himself into his present uber hot state. For anyone who has seen the documentary - done from before he was even signed by anyone, before he had ANY level of fame or success -to the beginnings of success (and even then it was years before Matilda/Judas) - you will recall that he took it upon himself to lose the gut, grow out and straighten that lucious ginger hair, and load on the EYELINER. He's an example to all of straightguydom out there.


Other brilliant atheistic Tim songs featuring jaw dropping piano playing include this little ditty:


For some reason, despite being a long time Slogger, I had not yet allowed Tim Minchin into my life. I'm glad I did it Easter morning!

Special thanks to Velvetbabe for the "Best of Tim Minchin" YouTube link!
Its a bit odd to insult someone from a dominant class with the slur used for the oppressed class. Calling a man a sexist cunt? It's that like calling a white dude a racist n****r?
Lets put the odd in godd
it's painful to watch him waste his talent on this long, long, long long non-joke

Same net effect could be achieved by tattooing "I'm smarter than you" on his forehead at a great savings of time and sheet music

Aw, that was mean. Funny, but mean.

Very mean.

Kate asked Danny not to be mean.

Her dying wish.

She got her cancer back because Danny is such a spiteful petty bitter little queen.

Shame on Danny for giving Karen cancer (for the third fucking time)

Shame Shame Shame......
Actually, I'm pretty sure that Tim Minchkin doesn't, actually get away with it. I'm sure he gets death threats and angry e-mail from about 2/3rds of the world on a daily basis. :)
@25 See, here's another example of how "hotness" is subjective. Guys with curly red (or, really, any colour) hair and a bit of a gut rule my world, and I never want them to change. Seth Rogen ftw.

@36 - nothing in the world against curly hair, it's just that in the documentary it's very close cropped, and I hate short hair on guys - total ripoff - so to see his old no-eyeliner self vs the guy he transformed himself into - there just ain't no contest.

"love without evidence is stalking"

love it! :D

@27 - you are welcome, Cracker Jack!

Mr. Minchen gets away with it and Mr. Savage does not because Mr. Savage is a serious political figure and Mr. Minchen is a performer.