Attention, humanity: In just under 24 hours, we will commence discussion of the third installment of the Slog Netflix Streaming Movie Club: "Kim Kelly Is My Friend," the fourth episode of the legendarily brilliant but still somehow underrated TV series Freaks & Geeks.

For those venturing into the Freaks & Geeks universe for the first time, you should watch at least the first episode of the show before diving into "Kim Kelly Is My Friend." (And if you end up watching episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4, and then the whole series, over and over, I won't be surprised.)

Watch "Kim Kelly Is My Friend" on Netflix Streaming anytime you want—though you'd be a fool to do it while this ridiculousness is still occurring; get your sun while you can and leave TV for tonight. We'll discuss "Kim Kelly Is My Friend" here on Slog tomorrow starting at 11 am.