Have You Ever Watched a Couple of Obnoxious Drunk Assholes Get Into a Barfight?


Best moment: Ingram saying "I guess I'm not very well educated."

Laura Ingram says (at 5:25) "For some people ... it's about actually living the life they want to lead for themselves, their communities, their families."

Wow, if she could only hear her own words, we'd have a whole new ally for marriage equality. But in fact she is concerned about people oppressed by Bill O'Reilly saying "thump the bible".
The problem for the right is they have been hijacked by the religious fanatics. The bible is the lens in how their "reality" is seen. But we are not a theocracy. And public policy regarding benefits must not be unequal. It is a founding principle. "Equal Justice Under Law" is above the SCOTUS portico. Equal justice is also a founding principle of civilization. It is what brings stability to modern life. It's what gives us all an investment in the common good.
She counts this person as a friend? My friends don't talk to me like that.
Its tough love y'all. Get over it.

But I am very glad that you are actually opening your aperture a bit to consider more conservatve views. It makes you a more well-rounded person.

Good job Danny.
@5 Au contraire

If anything is happening, Bill O'Reilly is opening his aperture.* He is willing to concede that the Bible is not a good basis for making and dictating public policy. That's something that most Sloggers would agree to in a heartbeat.

*My apologies for any traumatic mental images generated by the phrase "O'Reilly is opening his aperture."
"I'm not in the business to help, I'm in the business to GET THINGS DONE" -exactly...
Like the mythical "Black friends" that we used to always hear about. Funny how it's only when you're accused of being a bigot that you all of a sudden have gay/Black/Latino "friends".
I love Laura Ingram saying to give it more time, that (the right) will come up with better arguments. As if they just haven't had enough time to find a credible argument against same sex marriage! How many decades does she think they will need? Well keep looking, cause there simply isn't one! LOL
Right wing talk shows are all the same: Anger, anger, anger.

I was listening to right wing talk radio on a long drive through Louisiana some years ago (my cd player was broken and there were no other radio stations that got reception) and for the full couple hours it was nothing but rage. Rage against everything and everyone. They hate liberals and they hate Obama, that's obvious. But they also raged against conservatives they didn't like. The entire time I listened, not one single positive thing was said.

What a sad existence they live.
It's a pet peeve of mine to be interrupted, so every time I see O'Reilly interact with another person on television I want to beat the living shit out of him- and that's before I absorb the content of what he's saying. However, the hypocrisy and bald bigotry of Ingram's position offends me on deeply held moral grounds. However, O'Reilly in general offends me on deeply held moral grounds. A dilemma, this one...
Well, Bless their hearts.
At the very end there was this telling comment from Laura about how people need to wait for the anti-gay folks to come up with better, non-biblical, arguments. WTF? So you have a conclusion and you don't have any good reasons for it, but don't worry, you'll find some?
Wow. OK. So, the half-wits who tune in to Fox and O'Reilly don't care if the opposing points-of-view are from the left and right. They don't care if the players are comrades-in-arms just as long as there's yelling. At someone. Anyone. And annoyance. O'Reilly's eating his young.

It can therefore be deduced that the people who watch don't want answers. They just want a verbal brawl.
i'm not watching that.
Can't they all just go to the Idaho fortress thingy Beck was going to build?
I've always found O'Reilly to be the most palatable of the shouty talk radio set. There is a teeny tiny sliver of intellectual honesty buried deep, deep inside that he lets out from time to time.
This reminded me of two cats in a bag squawling and shrieking and yowling. Or two cats fucking at 3am on a hot summer night. Perhaps we have glimpsed bigot foreplay.
Honestly, O'Reilly won this one hands down. Everything he said, despite being rooted in terribly wrong opinions, was logically sound. He's perfectly right: if all you have is bible thumping, you're going to lose the argument. Luckily, this makes a lot of right wingers really angry, so they don't hear the message, which is that they need to work on their strategy if they want a chance.
@8 Who cares?
@9, "Like the mythical "Black friends" that we used to always hear about. Funny how it's only when you're accused of being a bigot that you all of a sudden have gay/Black/Latino "friends"."

That's because their idea of a "friend" in these contexts is different than any normal person's.

Sure they have a Latino friend. The guy who cuts her lawn is Mexican and they are very polite to each other. Sure she has a gay friend. The guy who cuts her hair is a total fag, and she doesn't even spit on him or anything, they're practically besties.

When these bigots talk about their gay/Black/Latino "friends" it reminds me of The Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya says, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
It's rather incredible to hear right-wing pundits attribute conservatives' polling problems to bad PR. Say what you will against the Right, but they have an unbelievably fantastic PR machine. It's been a trend, though, since the 2012 election. The message that the Right's troubles are due to their presentation, rather than their politics, has been consistent enough to look like strategy.
bigot foreplay at it's most sincere... these two are assholes and deserve each other.
@23: It's because for so long, they've won elections by convincing people whose self-interest is not at all in line with Republican policy that they should vote Republican, and they've done it all with PR. They're unused to actually losing voters based on policy, because most of their voters aren't really there because of policy in the first place.