The eurozone crisis, which has led to austerity (stupid, stupid austerity) for Europe, now also means austerity measures for other countries as foreign aid budgets get slashed.

According to the Guardian, the 2012 drop in aid from the 33 wealthiest nations in the world was "the biggest in 15 years and was the first back-to-back drop in development assistance since 1996-97."

Spain cut its aid budget by 50%, Italy by 35%, Greece by 17% and Portugal by 13% as the single currency suffered its most severe crisis since monetary union was founded in 1999. But other big donors – including the United States, Japan and the UK – also reported small falls in aid spending in 2012.

Bilateral aid to sub-Saharan Africa – the world's poorest region – dropped by 8% in 2012, while assistance to the least developed countries (LDCs) was down by 13%.

Austerity for one is austerity for all! (Except, of course, for the already-rich.)

In other austerities, the US military is cutting down on its perks for soldiers in Afghanistan:

No more surf'n'turf overlooking the Hindu Kush, no more salsa classes on the Kandahar boardwalk or mocha frappes in the Helmand desert.

The US army has decided to cut back on catering, morale, welfare and recreation services as it starts the $6bn (£4bn) relocation of a nearly 70,000-strong force, who must all leave by the end of 2014...

The shift will begin on 1 May and be rolled out across Afghanistan by 1 October, although soldiers living in cramped conditions and working round the clock warned that the change, which could spell the end for treats including regular steak and lobster feasts at some bases, will dent morale.

You're not alone, US soldiers—austerity is denting morale all across the globe.