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It's funnier when you read this post on the RSS feed because it appears to be empty.
Brave youth pastor, but why did it take them a minute to find a fire extinguisher? And is it really wonderful that the soloist kept singing instead of, oh I don't know, telling people to calmly exit the building?
This is what you get when you have heterosexuals involved in theater arts.
Now who would have thought that sparklers would set papier-mache on fire? I still laugh when I think of that giant Jesus statue getting struck by lightening and burning to the ground.
It was judgement by God to kill all of the people in that building and that meddling pastor got in the way. He's so going to Hell.

@3 RIGHT?? Who would think it's smart or noble to run with a flaming object through a building full of people instead of running for an extinguisher? Because dropping little bits of smoldering debris and taking the risk of bumping into someone is heroic?

@4 HA!!
That is some of the dumbest shit I've seen.

1) Didn't they rehearse this thing? Surely somebody should have noticed that the "stone" wasn't supposed to be on fire when the first lick of flame erupted. Director? Stage manager? Anybody?

2) It's not that hard to make stagecraft fire-resistant. I seem to remember mixing and spraying a non-toxic fire-retardant solution (borax and ammonium chloride?) on a couple of 50-pound bales of wood shavins we were sprinkling on the floor of the audience seating area for one show. This was back in the days when audiences smoked, too.

3) Always test your fire retardant. Those treated wood shavings wouldn't burn. We tried. You could fry them with matches until they were black, but you couldn't get a flame out of them. If you can fireproof (sorry, fire "retard") raw, dried woodchips, you can fireproof most things that would end up on a stage.

4) It's the job of any stagehands and stage manager to know where the damned fire extinguishers are, preferably as near the stage as possible, and especially if anything smoky or sparky is planned, be ready (no, just itching!) to use one.
Clearly this was God's will. And is it just me, or does anyone else think that Jesus looked a bit on the chunky side for a homeless peasant?
God never said "don't be stupid".
@2 hell yes! Thank you google reader
"It was just amazing that he kept on singing and didn't miss a beat."
OR friggin' insensitive. I would think maybe helping put out the dangerous fire or making sure the flaming pastor [no potential pun intended] was alive would be more of a Christian action than simply staying on cue.
Oh, wait. Never mind.
Christians. *sigh*
Can't wait to see them stage The Ten Commandments. That will be some awesome burning bush.