Here's the libertarian hope of the Republican Party, revealing his plan for preserving "traditional marriage."

I think right now if we say we're only going to [have] a federally mandated one man, one woman marriage, we're going to lose that battle because the country is going the other way right now. If we're to say each state can decide, I think a good 25, 30 states still do believe in traditional marriage, and maybe we allow that debate to go on for another couple of decades and see if we can still win back the hearts and minds of people.

Good luck with that one, Rand. (I honestly don't think Paul even believes what he's saying here. This is an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network, and what he's doing is throwing some lip service their way to win their votes. This is as much of a sop as George W. Bush proposing an anti-gay-marriage amendment to win the 2004 elections and then forgetting all about that promise once he won office. Will Christian voters ever manage to realize they're being played by jokers like this?)