CHERDONNA AND LOU Stabbed each other. With knives. You missed it.
  • CHERDONNA AND LOU Stabbed each other. With knives. You missed it.

'Mo-Wave is a queer punk music and art festival organized by Seattle's dirtiest and most discerning culture curators, and if you weren't at Velocity Dancer Center on Sunday for Deviance in Motion, a showcase curated by Pacific Northwest Ballet's Andrew Bartee, you've already missed some of it. Among the deviant delights that were on display: Cherdonna and Lou playing with knives, Matt Drews and Ariana Bird romping around topless and in fishnets, an incesty female duo involving corn syrup, a captivating solo by Velocity star Kate Wallich, and two men calling themselves Salami Bros. in a "slowest naked" contest. (Neither of them had eaten in 24 hours, and under the rules of the performance, they had to be in the act of continuously removing their clothing, the loser being the one who was fully naked first, the winner getting a slice of pizza.)

The rest of 'Mo-Wave is this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Stranger music editor Emily Nokes sat down with festival organizers and got a hilarious earful about how crappy most queer festivals are, and what sets 'Mo-Wave apart. Representative quote: "Mainstream gay pride parties pretty much offend every sense and sensibility I have." That piece is in tomorrow's paper, but we've published it a day early on our website so you can start planning your weekend.

Oh yeah, and 'Mo-Wave's official schedule is right here. Go!