Please enjoy the following story from Jacob James' vast collection of wonderful stories about celebs from his brush with fame while playing with the Lashes!

As our band was getting more popular, our record label booked us a series of high profile shows in the effort to show off that we were, in fact, the next cool thing. These shows made money but never scored us the kind of cool points they were supposed to. Something always went awry. Three shows stand out in my mind: The Time We Played NASCAR in Florida (we played right before a staged wet t-shirt contest), The Time We Opened For Trey Anistasio from Phish on a Moored Boat in New York City (aquatic puns welcome), and The Time Eric's Clothes Were Stolen From the Playboy Mansion.

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We were asked to play the Playboy Mansion through our successful and well-connected A&R guy, when such a thing existed. He had an assistant who had a sister who worked as a publicist for some part of Hugh Hefner's empire, and she would do us the favor and book us and then we'd be famous and make everyone lots of money and rule the world. Then we got the contract.

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