Boston Globe Says Authorities Have "Clear Video Images of Two Suspects": Here's the story. But the only thing that seems clear, if you didn't know this already, is that reading the New York Post will rot your mind.

Explosion at a Fertilizer Plant in Waco: Paul posted video earlier. Still not known how many dead and injured, estimates are between 5 and 15 dead.

Sinkhole Swallows Three Cars: In southeast Chicago.

Widespread Flooding in Chicago Area: Crazy weather throughout the Midwest.

How Brittney Griner, WNBA's No. 1 Pick, Talks Simply and Gracefully: About "Being one that's out."

Musharraf Flees to His Luxury Home: In the middle of the court case against him, just after being told his bail would not be extended.

To Recap: Newtown parents watched the gun bill die in a display of corruption that's surprising even for the bought-and-sold-by-the-gun-lobby Senate yesterday.

American Jobs: Moving to the suburbs.

North Korea Will Only Talk: If apologies are issued for all acts of provocation against them, and other demands.

What's red and gooey?: The Elwha River.

Woman Accused of Murder in Kitsap County: Also accused of co-pimping from jail.

Greek Strawberry Farmer Opens Fire: On Bangladeshi migrant workers who asked for their salaries to be paid. Meanwhile, children in Greece: going hungry.

The Private Photographer of Public Enemy: Ernie Paniccioli.

Twitter's New Service: #Music.

I believe this is a morning for the glass harmonica.