Via Reuters:

A five-year-old Indian girl was battling for her life on Friday after being kidnapped and brutally raped in the latest incident of sexual violence which has triggered nationwide protests.

The girl was attacked inside a locked room over a 48-hour period, police said, after being abducted as she played outside on Monday in a lower-middle class area of the capital New Delhi.

... Doctors said the girl’s genital area had been mutilated and that objects had been inserted inside her, causing serious internal injuries and infection.

I know this sounds almost too horrific for the mind to process but take heart. As one condescending Slog commenter recently explained to me, feminism already won. We won, ladies! We're no longer seen as objects to be used and abused—we're all separate but equal now!

So remember: there are two sides to every story, she was old enough to talk so surely she was old enough to seduce a gang of men into raping her, let's pray for the men, etc. etc. etc.

(Confidential to humanity: Fuck you, humanity.)