These are all details of Shane Hopes paintings, on display at Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, New York.
  • These are all details of Shane Hope's paintings, on display at Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, New York.

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Visiting New York two weeks ago, I wandered into the great gallery of Ed Winkleman and found the works of Shane Hope.

The hype of Hope is strong.

He creates his own 3D printers to make his boggling works, about which:

Accelerating progress in nanometer-scale science and technology continues to expand the toolkit with which we can eventually assemble things from the atom up. This will potentially give rise to nearly costless systems for controlling the structure of matter itself.

People! Occupy matter!

The statement about Hope's exhibition grows more byzantine and absurd as it progresses, in a hilarious mirroring of what happens when you fall into the batty surfaces of the works.

Forever optimistic, Hope puts forth these pieces as plans for playborground ball pits of pure operationality all about an atomic admin access-privs picturesque.

The writing's a perfect nerd companion to the paintings, which share the quality of being simultaneously sexy and amazing, and not too serious. They're pretty marvelous.

In Hope’s own words, “So run this, for here’s how you in the form of pathetic-prophetic techno-poetics for reals forge future’s futures: nano-nonobjective-oriented ontographic scribblin’ on scriptable-scalable species-tool-beings... metacompetitive metabolisms of things-executin’-things-executin’-things-executin’-things…”

Got it. The gallery web site is here, and more pictures are on the jump.



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