Mostly Sunny with Highs Near Seventy: The sun is apparently vacationing in Seattle this week. Won't you join me for a bowl of breakfast ice cream?

Don't Leave Pets Locked in Your Goddamn Cars, Goddammit: Especially not for six days without food and water, like some West Seattle assholes. Thankfully, this dog is fine.

Won't JESUS + MARY Be Proud: Waving his dick at the First Amendment, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback just signed a new bill that he personally labeled the "JESUS + MARY" measure, proclaiming that life begins at conception and forcing abortion providers to read scripted lies to women seeking their services.

“There’s a dead man. I think there’s a dead man out there.” Federal Way Police have released the 911 calls from Sunday's domestic-violence related shooting. Domestic violence is the #1 cause of injury to American women, by the way.

Search Continues for Bangladesh Factory Survivors: More than 1,000 people have been injured. The details are horrific.

Some 2,000 people were in the Rana Plaza building in Savar, some 30km (20 miles) outside Dhaka, when it collapsed suddenly on Wednesday morning... Trapped workers can be heard inside the rubble, screaming for help. Food and water is being passed to survivors through gaps in the the rubble... Police said the factory owners had ignored warnings not to allow their workers into the building after cracks were noticed on Tuesday.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Falls Silent: The 19-year-old suspect stopped speaking with authorities after he was read his Miranda rights. However, he did tell police that his older brother had only recently recruited him to help detonate pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston marathon finish line. Meanwhile, Tsarnaev's mother regrets ever emigrating to the US.

Three Adults Arrested for Allegedly Selling Marijuana to Ballard Kids: Police recovered 1,200 grams of marijuana, 99 joints, seven pot plants, eight trays of laced brownies, four shotguns, one .22-caliber rifle, six handguns, two pellet guns, and $4,755 from the residence.

Women as Leftovers: A growing number of career-driven women in China can't find partners because they make too much money. This is not a problem I can relate to.

Women as a Subcategory: A woman notices that Wikipedia editors have been quietly removing American female novelists like Harper Lee from its main category page to make room for more real American novelists.

And finally, Ask a Mortician tackles ghosts while in Savannah, Georgia: