Woman Beats Would-Be Rapist Into Submission


That story warms my heart. I hope he also gets prosecuted and put in jail. Imagine how things would change if all rapists got this treatment.
Sonya Blade is real, and she is on our side guys!

Also, I love how his excuse was "he was to drunk to remember" when he was supposed to be driving a bus full of people.
Nice! Too bad she didn't cut his balls off.
Thus Always To Rapists! I salute you, madam.
One of my favorite stories was a woman was accosted by three men (I think India) and it turns out she was something like a national Karate champion and beat the shit out of them. Good stuff.
The vastly underrated movie "Haywire" had one of those thigh strangulation scenes, fraught with symbolism.

This is the way all rape stories should end....
#8: ..not with a bang but with a whimper?

Haywire is not underrated. It's one of the crap movies Soderbergh has been churning out these days. It's still better than most movies Hollywood puts out every year, but compared to the movies he actually gave a shit about and that had an actual cinematographer on board? No comparison.

Also, that movie is ridiculously fucking boring. No one needs to see Gina Carano climbing up and down ladders for 20 minutes.

Yeah, and you're such a big action movie fan, when you're not busy being indiscriminately angry.
And now we know - it takes ten posts for a slog-thread to go south even if all participants have the same opinion on the central subject.

Next week well test how long it takes for trolls to be in a majority in a slog-thread.
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He's lucky she didn't break his neck in two. I hope takes stock of that worthless life she spared.
Knowing what part of the world she's in, I wonder if she'll be arrested and charged with being a woman who does things without her father/husband's permission.
@13 I hope HE takes...

(grrr... grumble... poor editing...) Sorry.
This reminds me of a story about my husbands ex wife. She too was a sailor and quite a handful. While on shore leave in Dubai she was shoved out of the cab she had hailed by a man who wanted it for himself.
She knocked him down and started to beat him bloody, but the terrified cabbie pulled her off and hustled her back the ship.
She had her own shore patrol detail assigned to her to keep her out of trouble. She is also my hero.
Oops, my comment above was supposed to be for @9
@14 Things aren't quite like that in the UAE, especially Dubai. The only thing you really need to worry about is prohibition.
I'm guessing 'stranglehold between her thighs' = triangle choke, which suggests the sailor in question was a jujitsu practitioner.
Awesome story all around.

Back in the 70s, when my family was traveling hippie-style through India, my then 15-year-old big sister knocked more than one groper flat on his ass. Also awesome, although I'm sure she would have greatly preferred having no reason to do so.
My personal favorite involved a female soldier watching an Iraqi work detail. When one of the guys on the detail decided he'd had enough of working for a woman, he slapped her ass. Whereupon she took him across the chin wih the butt of an M-16, then pointed the loaded weapon at him until he could be escorted off the base. Good times...
@#19: Alcohol is legal in the UAE, and has been for decades, they also have an indoor ski resort.

@14: No she’s military, therefore covered under a status of forces agreement
Not only do I love Third World rape stories almost as much as Cienna does, but it's so great when they have a Hollywood ending, i.e., a fistfight where the American saves the world.

Good to see one of the proud ladies of the USN beat a stinky muslim rapist into submission.
@23 and 24: It is difficult to decide which of you are the bigger turd in the punch bowl here. You both demonstrate an unique but equally God awful take on this story. You're like two stinky sides of the same fecal coin.
Bravo boys!

So by your statement rape is ok as long as it promotes "diversity."
@26: Oh honey. You can't possibly be that stupid.
@10 That's silly. You're being silly.
@23: I am so sorry the person you were rooting for lost the fight, Mister G. That must be hard on you.