Potentially bad news for Mike McGinn's reelection hopes:

A committee of NBA owners voted unanimously today to block the pending sale and relocation of the Sacramento Kings, likely ensuring that the team will stay put.

The NBA confirmed that its combined relocation and finance advisory committee, composed of 12 owners, voted down the Maloof family's proposed sale of the Kings to hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who planned to move the team to Seattle.

The rest of the owners are expected to follow the recommendation of the committee, which pretty much means the Kings are staying put. Because obviously, Sacramento is a much, much better city than Seattle, and its fans clearly deserve more respect than ours.

That said, I suppose it's still possible that the unanimous decision was aided by an unspoken decision to grant Seattle an expansion team. Otherwise, I think the NBA can pretty much go fuck itself as far as folks here are concerned.