National Review says that teabaggy first-term Texas Senator Ted Cruz is thinking about running for president in 2016. The commenters are so giddy about the prospect that you'd think Cruz was the second coming of Santorum:

Cruz would be a great president. Let's beat the Obama zombies at their game and register in all 57 states.

He's fearless ? !! This country needs fearless, and we need it now !!!!!!!!!!!

I'm unemployed and broke but I'd send $$$ to his campaign instead of eating. This guy is the one last hope to save this country from this Communism. Run Ted run!

I live in California and I consider Ted Cruz my Senator because we don't have any senators in California. What we do have are traitors who have forsaken their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States by attempting to circumvent the Bill of Rights and who have abrogated their responsibilities to the United Nations.

I will support any right wing radical. Cruz is the man and he is even Latino! To make the reverse racists happy. The left has certainly finally done us in and it is time for real change.

A lot of these commenters used to be for Marco Rubio, but now that Rubio has said that immigration needs reform, they have marked him as a RINO in the Romney/McCain style, which makes Cruz their man by default. In response to this news, ThinkProgress has assembled a list of five conspiracy theories that Cruz believes, including the liberal/socialist plan to rid the nation of golf.