You probably got out in the sun or went for a bike ride. Me? I bullied poor Sarah Palin.

RWNJ's and their RWNJ blogs have been blowing up my Twitter feed since I tweeted that out in my sleep on Saturday morning. Not my best work: the repetition of the word "now" annoys me, and instead of "Now seeing upside of oral cancers," I wish I had written, "Oral cancer approval ratings spike." But for the dimshits who might make it over to Slog today from Glennbeckistan... here's the standard definition of bullying: "Bullying has to satisfy three criteria: it has to be verbal or physical aggression, repeated over time, involving a power differential." I may have said something nasty about Sarah Palin—a lovely Christian lady who has never in her life said a single nasty thing about anybody—but I didn't bully her. I can't bully her. I pointed that out, which led to soon-to-be classic Twitter exchanges like this:

And this:

But these two were my favorite: