A woman says she was assaulted at knife point while walking through Capitol Hill's Cal Anderson park around 4:00 a.m. this morning. Details come from the SPD blotter:

The woman stated that she was walking through the park at that hour when she heard a man yelling for assistance. The woman told officers the man was stating he had been stabbed, so she went over to help. When she reached him, he stood up and produced a knife. According to the victim, the man then put the knife in his pocket and put his arm through hers, in an “escort” fashion, and the two of them walked through the park.

At one point the suspect pushed the woman against a tree and held her there with his arm while he attempted to masturbate. According to the victim, the suspect got frustrated and pushed her to the ground. At about that time, two men walking their dog came through the park. The dog ran over to the suspect and victim. The victim told officers that the suspect told the dog to leave, and the dog walkers came over to apologize and retrieve their dog. At that point the woman got up off the ground and walked away with the dog walkers. She then walked to the precinct where she reported the incident to officers.

Officers were unable to locate the suspect, whom the victim described as a tall, thin, white man with bad acne and teeth.