A map submitted to the federal government showing the SPD drones proposed airspace and practice areas.
  • Seattle Police Department
  • A map submitted to the federal government showing the SPD drone's proposed "training airspace." (Click to enlarge.)
As mentioned yesterday, the Seattle Parks Department does not allow drones in its airspace. It also won't be granting the Slog drone a special permit to operate in some discreet section of some city park.

But guess who was planning to fly two drones in Seattle Parks without asking the parks department's permission?

Back before Mayor Mike McGinn squashed the SPD's drone program in response to public outcry, the SPD applied for—and was granted—an FAA waiver to practice flying its two drones... in Magnuson and Discovery Parks.

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Did the SPD ask the Parks Department's permission before (or after) if got the FAA's permission to treat two Seattle Parks as "training airspace" for its drones?

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Parks spokesperson Dewey Potter doesn't recall such a request. Neither does Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams. I've twice asked SPD spokesperson Sean Whitcomb whether such a request was ever made. He hasn't responded.

All of which is to say: It seems a little unfair that the public should be prohibited from flying drones in Seattle Parks unless an "emerging public desire" to fly them can be proved, while the SPD can just take its right to fly drones in our public parks for granted.