After a shitty week for the White House, they've finally responded to two of the nine hundred or so scandals that have erupted in the last few days.

1. The White House just released one hundred pages of e-mails and notes on Benghazi that journalists are currently combing through. You can find the papers right here.

and, more importantly:

2. The Obama Administration is trying to push through a new media protection bill, in the wake of its shameful treatment of AP reporters.

Under fire for the Justice Department’s surveillance of AP reporters’ phone records, the White House is pushing to revive a “media shield” bill to protect reporters who refuse to identify confidential sources. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) received a call Wednesday from the White House asking him to reintroduce his 2009 bill.

It'll be interesting to see if Republicans, who suddenly developed a passion for defending the press once the Obama administration mistreated the press, will follow through and vote for this bill. Neither of these actions resolve any of this week's scandals—I get the sense that Republicans think they can ride this Benghazi thing to overwhelming victories in 2014, if not 2016—but it's at least a small step in the right direction, and an attempt to gain some control over what political columnists like to call "the narrative."

UPDATE: And 3. From the Huffington Post:

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that Steven Miller, the acting director of the Internal Revenue Service, had resigned amid criticism over the tax agency's handling of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.