It Is Better to Barely Try and to Give Up Than to Never Run at All: Tim Burgess is out of the mayor's race, and Goldy isn't running for city council.

President Obama Did Something Awful: And Ansel Herz says that this is what you get, liberals.

In Need of a Bus Pass: Seattle came out strong for their bus service.

No Tall Men for You: Sonics fans showed their support for our sports team, but were disappointed yet again.

In Which the Seattle Times Pretends to Care About Poor People: The Seattle Times wants The Stranger to stop picking on The Seattle Times, so they Googled how many times The Stranger mentioned The Seattle Times this year. That turned out to be a genius plan. On multiple levels.

It's Spring: Which means it's time to talk about street harassment.

Where in the Bible Does God Talk About Cakes?: Dominic explains again why it's discrimination if you refuse to bake a cake for a couple just because they're gay. Plus, the bigot florist strikes back.

This Old House: In which an Occupy offshoot tries to save a man from eviction.

This Headline Would Mean Something Completely Different on a Tech Blog: "Michael Pollan Is the Steve Jobs of Food"

Once Every Five Years Or So, Slog Actually Teaches You Something: Here, use the afternoon to memorize the capitols of all fifty states: