A Troubled Bridge Over (and In the) Water: The Skagit River bridge collapse, as it happened. Goldy had something to say on the political aftermath.

Big Argument, Tiny Apartments: Dominic Holden takes issue with aPodment haters.

The Right to Bear Gay Husbands: Cienna Madrid looks at some suspicious pro-gun, pro-gay signs that are popping up around Capitol Hill. (And the dopes at Reason, hilariously, took offense at Cienna's post.)

You Can Tell They're from Portland By Their Terrible Teeth: Goldy says Portland voters are stoopid.

I Apologize for My Gender: Anna Minard explores how to fight street harassment.

Hint: It's Not Because the Air Conditioning Failed: You really should read Ansel Herz on "Why They Break Windows."

A Literal Shot in the Arm: Brendan Kiley watches someone shoot someone else for the sake of, uh, art. (Plus: More!)

Oops: How Dominic Holden accidentally forced Mike O'Brien into a primary fight.

More Than One Way to Skin a Rat: What it's like to take a taxidermy class, with plenty of gross pictures.

That's (An Appropriate Amount of) Entertainment: On The Great Gatsby, adaptations, and how much entertainment is too much entertainment.

Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Marital Aid: That's something commenters are claiming in this spoiler-filled Star Trek Into Darkness review. (Here's Cienna on Cumberbatch's shower scene, too.)

Also This Week: The heckle heard round the world: