If you attended a SIFF movie over the long weekend, chances are you saw this beautiful card splashed across the pre-show presentation:

  • Jonathan Depriest/SIFF

And I'm here to announce that it's true! I'm hosting Nicolas Cage Match, a Nicolas Cage film festival, at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown on Saturday, July 6th. And you should come! From 11 in the morning until late at night, we're showing six Nicolas Cage movies—Raising Arizona, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Vampire's Kiss, Adaptation, Con Air, and The Wicker Man, in that order—in a Nic-til-you're-sick spectacular. Plus: Short Cage-themed videos before the movies, a food truck featuring Cage-themed sandwiches, and other special treats along the way.

Tickets for the full day of movies are $35 (only $25 if you're a SIFF member) and they're on sale right now. Join me on Fourth of July weekend to celebrate the most intense American film actor of our time in some of his most iconic roles. I promise that this will be an insane amount of fun.