The big thinkers over at the Atlas Shrugged movie site are taking another poll. (Here's the last one.) They provide their commenters with two choices:

If you had to choose, which would you consider the number one priority in casting John Galt?

A. As long as the actor looks and acts like John Galt, I don't care what his personal beliefs are.
B. The actor needs to possess a deep understanding of, and passion for, Ayn Rand's ideas first and foremost.

Surprisingly, a majority of the Ayn Rand-heads don't seem to care as much about the actor's personal views as long as that actor can act. Maybe the awfulness of the last two Atlas Shrugged movies have finally convinced them that skill is more important than sincerity.

And who do the Objectivists see as the ideal John Galt? Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be a popular choice, although there are recommendations for conservative actors Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Caviezel, and Tom Selleck, too. Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, Nathan Fillion, and even George Clooney are mentioned a few times. Shockingly, only one person mentions Tom Cruise, who for some reason I think would play a great self-satisfied prick.

But if the actor is a liberal, some of the Objectivists demand some sort of a fealty pledge, including the suggestion that the actor "must do a reading in front of an oral board of Ayn Rand readers." Others refuse the idea of "a known liberal" taking the role. "No pinkos should be considered," one reader huffs, while another demands that anyone who is a "major radicle" should be accepted, either.

Basically, though, none of this speculation matters. As someone who has seen both of the Atlas Shrugged movies, I assure you that John Galt will be played in the third and final movie by some soap opera bit player. Nobody will ever know that actor's name. End of discussion.