Do You Want Fair Wages with That?: On Thursday, there were a series of rolling strikes focusing on fast food establishments. Mayor McGinn supported them. It was a big deal. Here's Ansel Herz explaining why raising the minimum wage wouldn't kill fast food restaurants forever.

"The Starbucks of Pot": Big money comes to Seattle, in the hopes of opening a national chain of pot stores.

Ease Up, Jesus: Cienna Madrid says that civil rights groups called on Governor Inslee to delay the religious hospital mergers.

An Easy Way to Ruin Your Day: Enter Goldy's chamber of gun-related horrors.

Two Kinds of Wrong: This guy is so wrong about women that Megyn Kelly yelled at him. This guy wants so desperately to treat women fairly that he's sort of taken a round trip into crazy town.

The Semi-Visible Man: After writing a Slog post trashing Mayor McGinn's terrible record on SPD tranparancy, Dominic calls Mayor McGinn's latest attempts to make public records more accessible "a mixed bag."

A Bridge Too Far: Remembering the Skagit River Bridge that was, and reflecting on what the collapse means. And then looking on in horror as Rep. Orcutt says something unbelievably dumb about the collapse.

Sasquatch Sighting: Everything that happened last weekend.

Political Fan Fiction: President Obama's gay-sex coke binge and President Boehner figure into the craziest Republican fictions of the week.

It's Like There's a Seal Right In Your Lap: Kelly O goes to visit the new seal exhibit at the Aquarium and she gives it her, uh, something of approval. What's that word I'm thinking of? It's like a medal of approval, but that's not right. Authentication of approval? No. GOT IT! Stamp of approval! Kelly O gives the new seal exhibit at the aquarium her stamp of approval.

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