Thousands of demonstrators are currently still in Gezi Park, even after riot police spent the day trying to drive them out with tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets, the BBC reports.

"There was little suggestion that authorities will manage to douse the fury of protesters anytime soon. Deep into the night, the demonstrators—young and old, from various classes of Turkish society—chanted and dug in for a standoff," CNN reports. Here's an active livestream directly from the protesters' camp.

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Slog tipper Greg sends a link to this video of flaming barricades and tear gas canisters arcing through the darkness, which gives you a sense of the nighttime battle. Earlier today, 50 lawyers who came to the square to defend the demonstrations were arrested and seen being beaten by police, the Guardian reports. "We will continue our measures without stop, day and night, until the marginal elements are cleared," Huseyin Avni Mutlu, Istanbul's governor vowed today.

As I pointed out last week, Occupy Wall Street did not survive police crackdowns of this sort. Any attempt to create a new world—a grandiose way of saying, do away with normative hierarchicies—must be snuffed out. That's the logic of the state, anyway.