SLLOTD: Blessed be the Ties that Bind


Jay Wiseman's book Bondage 101 is a fantastic resource. Monk sells an 'experimentation' kit, or he did, that almost exactly matches what Wiseman suggest you buy. It's win-win.
Not particularly a BDSM guy myself, but this letter--when first run, and now--is kind of adorable to me. A young couple, kind of green and all, but embarking on a shared journey into kink. I suppose it is the matter-of-fact tone in his letter instead of the tormented hand-wringing one might get in a sex-negative arena that makes me happy.

Just a couple of kids looking for some resources, not an existential crisis. As usual, an update would be neat.
It's pretty awesome how the LW saw it relevant to mention that the girlfriend is "Christian."
God, was this really 8 years ago already? Fuck, where did the time go? I wonder if Monk is still doing lessons and selling hemp rope?

I agree these reruns would be a lot more fun if we had an update. I know Dan isn't a fan of "Car Talk" on NPR, but those guys do a fun thing. They periodically go into their archives, find a past caller, and call them up for an update. Called "stump the chump". They find out if (a) the caller took their advice or not, and (b) if the advice worked. Dan should try something like this.
Twisted Monk is giving me flashbacks of Sean Connery as William of Baskerville and Christian Slater as Adso of Melk in The Name of the Rose, at least the way I would have written it.
@4 I'm guessing that would be a bit more awkward here. "Hi, is Mike there? Oh, you're his wife? Well I'm just calling because he wrote in to my column a few years back concerning his compulsion to fuck melons and asking whether it was okay to microwave them first. I'm calling to get an update - has he avoided major burns like I suggested? Hello? Hello?"
Whitney Houston joke! Too soon?
Jokes about Whitney Houston and NA. It's interesting to look at these older letters.
I'll just leave this here.…
@6, Hah!

Well, no, I didn't mean exactly like Car Talk in every detail. I'm assuming that a vast majority of these letters were sent to Dan via email in the last 10 years. (I'm old enough to remember the early years where they were actually letters sent by postal mail.) So he could send a followup back to the same email address. Some of them would languish in no-longer-used email boxes, of course, but I imagine he'd get a response from some of them. Could be entertaining and illuminating.
Yes, Twisted Monk is still around. Other great book resource books - Lee Harrington's Shibari You Can Use (Part 2 coming out soon - woot!) and the two Two Knotty Boys books. All have wonderful step-by-step instructions for some great ties.
Google "Rope Camp" for a wonderful event with lots of instructors and lots of fun.
@7, Whitney Houston was still alive in 2005.
@14 Yeah, but for awhile they stopped airing the WTC Simpsons episode after 9/11. Doesn't Whitney Houston deserve the same respect?


Sweet! Heard any good Whitney Houston jokes lately?
Cool example that naturally there's not as much sex difference in kink between men and women as research shows -- a lot of the difference was cultural and the internet has exploded that.

Now that computers are far more common than they were back in 2005, I see way more women on kink websites than even in the mid-2000s. Technology is great!

(mostly into dudes here, occasionally women, exclusively dudes for kink -- so I'm saying it's great from a gender equality standpoint, not a getting laid standpoint)
Nothing posted today but reruns and ads:

Move along, nothing to see here...
@4 - Monk is still alive and well! Just click the link and you'll see.
I love ropework, but I'm barely even kinky. I just like rope. I hope BBTTTB got into it with his girlfriend, because it's fun even if it doesn't really turn your crank erotically.

Not really sure how the whole "Christian" thing really figures into it, though. I expected it to play into the issues in the letter somehow but it just didn't.
@14 That was the joke. Hilarious? You bet I am!