City council just released its calendar for Monday's meeting, and on it is this council bill, from Council President Clark:

AN ORDINANCE authorizing the Human Services Department to enter into a contract with a non-profit organization to provide outreach, engagement, case management, shelter, housing and other services to immediately move the campers at the encampment at 7116 W Marginal Way SW to appropriate shelter, housing and services; appropriating $500,000 for such purpose; declaring an emergency; and ratifying and confirming prior acts; all with a three- fourths vote of the City Council.

Since seven members of council already signed a letter stating a similar intent earlier this week, it looks like it'll pass just fine. I have word out to the council to see if there are any sticking points for people.

Meanwhile, Council Member Nick Licata's bill to legalize encampments on public and private land under certain conditions is still alive; the housing and human services committee considered it on Wednesday and voted to look at it again with some amendments that'll be hammered out before their next meeting. That bill was introduced originally to address the problem of where to move Nickelsville, but these two ideas are not mutually exclusive: The council can fund a huge outreach to Nickelsville while still moving forward to allow encampments to exist in the future under new rules that don't require the host to be a religious organization or limit a camp to a six-month period.