The Daily Show on Poor, Bullied Christians


I like Oliver. But then I've been listening to The Bugle, the podcast he does with Andy Zaltzman, for a long time.
Oliver's better than Stewart, to be honest.
Love John Oliver! I'm actually more excited to watch the Daily Show now...
John Oliver is killing it. I think he's perhaps better at doing bits without messing them up and/or laughing at himself (a la Stewart). Still, no one takes down logical fallacies like Jon Stewart - not to mention laying waste to conservatives that underestimate him.
Oliver's got the British, quicker-paced humor with less annoyingly doofy gaps. I think any Fry/Laurie fans would feel the same.
As a HUGE "The Bugle" fan for years, I had great confidence in Oliver and think he's doing grand.
John Oliver is great, but watching him highlights how much of the show is in the writing. Although Oliver puts his own spin on everything I can imagine Stewart doing exactly the same script. Still, he's great. I'm really enjoying it and wouldn't be sad to hear that he was the full time host.
Baconcat's Twitter feed should host the Daily Show.
The Bugle FTW.
He is decent but no Stewart, Stewart is the Jordan of hosts. Colbert is Pippen.
John Oliver is doing a more than serviceable job and I certainly agree with #7 that the first rate writing staff of the show is helping maintain the quality.

That said, John Oliver has never been my favorite corespondent, and I am not that enamored of the quirks they play up for him.

In many ways, I think the real problem I have with Oliver is that he's competing against imagined performances of people I would have rather seen keep the chair warm...

I think they could have done more interesting things with Aasif Mandvi, Larry Wilmore or Samantha Bee of the active contributors. As for alumni, I think Wyatt Cenac would have been the best choice, although I could see Craig Kilborn giving them exciting ways to comment on the show itself. Of course, giving Colbert an hour to spoof the Fox this is news time, that is commentary time lie could have been fun.
Oliver is good, but he's a reminder of how the writers are the real stars of the show.
Sam Bee is awesome, and that is a great piece. "Hey jerks, be more tolerant of my tolerance." I don't miss Jon Stewart's constant maudlin.
All About Oliver.
@8 Your's can be the Colbert Report.
@13, I sure do miss his Jersey Guy accent, though. My favorite TDS moments are usually when Jon busts that out.
LOLLL is this the same Alex John Earl that used to pass his fat newdz to anyone who had an email address? long time no see
I'm happy to see so much love for the Bugle here!
I was a little skeptical of Oliver for the first week, but he has gotten better. Still love Stewart, though.
I am so in love with Samantha Bee
Another Bugler, checking in. You really should listen.
A great bit by Sam Bee (and yes, Oliver is doing great as the host, but I do miss Stewart). It's great entertainment to watch how expertly and blatantly TDS can put the hypocrisy on full display, while the idiot fundie can do nothing but smile and silently resign himself to the conclusion that yes, it was a really, really bad idea to agree to this.

By the way, how many "I'm Not A Bigot" Bingo tiles did he fulfill? He certainly has "I have gay friends" but I don't think I heard "I don't hate them, I hate the sin", surprisingly.
#7, #12: Exactly. I'm thrilled to see Oliver come into his own, but it just shows how good the writing on TDS is.
He's working out.
No, people. You've totally forgotten. Jon Stewart took The Daily Show from lame-ass Craig Kilbourne and transformed it. It was never more obvious that Stewart is the genius behind the show than during the writers strike. He took over completely then, calling it "A Daily Show" for the duration. Never doubt it. Sure the writers are fantastic, but they're all plagiarists of his style. He invented it. Plus, they haven't done a great job of adapting the jokes for John Oliver. I count it a strike against them, not a plus, that Oliver's bit started out sounding exactly like Stewart's. Stop mimicking Salon, that article wasn't that insightful.
HOMO-FASCISM is easy when you are backed by the infinite money of central bankers, who pay for the ideological subversion (aka, "active measures") of the USA in order to destroy the last-remaining obstacle to the unelected world communist government that they crave, that will give them unlimited power, forever.

It was never necessary to destroy any existing heritage or traditions to make room for gays in society. Think about that. Why must marriage, the family unit, and religion be under attack? How convenient, eh?
I always loved Jon Stewart, but HATED his interview style, which basically was ranting and then asking (maybe one) question to his guest that corroborated his viewpoint. I always thought what a shitty gig being a guest on the Daily Show was, given that you wouldn't be able to get a word in edgewise. John Oliver maybe isn't as clever, but at least he lets his guests speak more than half a sentence.
@27: I was just about to write the exact opposite comment. I feel like Oliver's a great host, but still finding his ground as an interviewer. His first interview last week was sort of painful.
@27 -- I agree in part -- the need to be entertaining can interfere.

But I also know that conservatives like to come on his show because they can finally SPEAK substantively. I'll never forget the conservative terrorism expert who thanked Jon at the end of the interview, saying it was the best discussion he had ever been allowed to have on the subject.