Is This the Most Unfortunate Anti-Gay Logo and Slogan In History?


Can't believe Republican graphic designers could be anything but closet cases.
the bloody smear is an interesting touch.
Seems like a pretty good bet that someone, somewhere, in an apartment in Poughkeepsie maybe, is laughing their ass off and high fiving their dog.
I think it perfectly represents the confusion they are all feeling right now.
Funny, when I first saw that, I didn't look at him as little blowjob man, I looked at him as little take-it-in-the-ass man. I guess we all have our preferred way to look at things.
Wow. That's not the posture of a person praying, that's all I'll say.

Also, "call 2 fall"? Fall how, exactly? Fall off the gay sex wagon?
Can anyone tell what the little graphic in the circle with the "2" is? It looks like it could be a cigar, or maybe a seat belt buckle. There's some thing similar wooing in the word "fall", too.
Oh my god, this has got to be a joke.

@5, I think either interpretation is valid, or both at the same time, if you're into that.
Amazingly funny.

@6 actually I think it is a prayer posture when you're emphasizing true humility -- such as when someone is prostrating themselves in prayer in Islam, also in Buddhism, it does look like this when seen from the side as the person is moving their head to the floor, mid-bow
@5, and (s)he's looking at his or her phone at the same time.
you girls are so clever.
we bet you totally crack up the whole gang in study hall
@5 - Let's compromise and call it a spitroast man.

@6 - Where is this wagon, and is it coming through Seattle any time soon?
Sunday, June 30th: BJs for JC.
I'm on it.
Goddamned fairy. Seriously, just look at that fucking puke.
Given the choice, I'd rather stay in the video booth. The most you have to contend with there is a nosey clerk.
The christians are unclear on the concept. You don't fall to your knees to avoid having the gay thing shoved down your throat.
@5, 8: Just call him Lucky Pierre!
Yay, looks like I'm gonna get lots of blow jobs from anti gay protesters on my birthday.
Call to FAIL. Holy crap on a cracker, that HAS to be deliberate.
I was reminded of the Tour de France logo. And then blowjobs. So overall it seemed be an environmentally friendly race to dick. I'm in!
There is some interesting, innuendo-filled action going on at their facebook page, FYI.
The original 2009 logo. Guess it wasn't gay enough.…
Their website refreshes every 10 seconds with the name of the newly recruited, so I signed up as Heywood Jablowme.
Unfortunately, they only flashed the first name.
But it took about 5 seconds to show up, so it doesn't seem to be monitored by a human...I think you could write anything...
Go have some fun!
Even if I thought it looked like someone praying, I'd think he's on a rug facing Mecca. Maybe not what they were going for. And I'm with @2 about the blood smeared across the torn construction paper. WTF? I also think there's a subliminal image of a cock sheath superimposed on the "2 fall" section.

The whole thing is really a call for help.
Clearly it's a jockey on an invisible horse, leaning forward excitedly and clutching the reins in front of him. Why, what did you think he was riding?
It was designed by Lindsey Graham.
My guess is (in all seriousness) they did it on purpose to get (hilarious) responses just like these and then say "look how the evil gays oppress us!" and cash in on the donations from the rubes (strike that) true believers.
Dan Savage had a Photoshop contest for the original. 2 of mine made the cut.…
This is a bona-fide Freudian slide, that's what this is!
Right wing Christianists can't be roused to pray for Murca on days they're not already busy praying? Pretty ho-hum commitment level, Christy'uns.
Maybe I can top this.
The purity ball, founded by Pastor Randy Wilson.
It's a big, formal father-daughter event.
The daughters pledge to remain chaste until marriage.
The fathers pledge to protect their daughters.
Sounds reasonable, but the language is most unfortunate:

“I choose before God to cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the area of purity."


Details on Wikipedia.
Go read.
Or don't.
It's really pretty creepy.
Purity *balls*?
urk...i need to go wash my mind...
I'm with #3. That has to be on purpose.