Al Jazeera reports that President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood has been overthrown by the military.

Sharif Adel Kouddous, an Egyptian-American reporter who returned to Egypt during the revolution that ousted former dictator Hosni Mubarak, has been predicting violence since yesterday. He just tweeted, "After two and a half years, Egypt just went back to square one in its post-Mubarak transition." This morning, he told Democracy Now!:

We saw a rejection of Hosni Mubarak that threw him out of office, a rejection of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ruling Egypt, and now a rejection and a revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood. [The people] are revolting against these authoritarian elements that deny them political and economic agency.
For more, see his interview from earlier today, or check out the Reuters livestream here, which shows a packed Tahrir Square where protesters appear to be lighting fireworks in celebration of Morsi's ouster.