Need Something to Do on the 4th of July?


What's this I hear about mass protests on the fourth called Restore the Fourth? They must be here because it refers to the fourth amendment. Or am I wrong?
@1 Half-right, half-wrong, I think. The protests are on Sunday the 6th here in Seattle. Restore the Fourth. On the Sixth.
Cinco de Quatro
Monroe speedway is fucken bitchen. It makes me proud of my hometown.

I hope it goes well and wish I knew about it sooner, but moving it from Independence Day to the 6th is a bit lame.
Holy crap! They still stage figure 8 races? I only saw one of those once, in about 1975. I'd have bet they had been effectively banned by insurers refusing to have anything to do with a business that ran one. Good to know crazy people are still crazy, and rednecks still love to watch them.
I love the Evergreen Speedway Demo Derby. I need to try to coordinate a trip for the fall derby. The double upright school bus domino trick was the most amazing thing ever.