Happy Birthday, America!: Here's how they put together the Lake Union fireworks show. And here's a list of all the legal fireworks shows in the state of Washington.

Obama Will Explain Why He's Spying on European Allies: He'll meet with officials to "discuss intelligence and privacy issues." I wonder when he'll explain domestic spying to us?

France Is Pissed, Too: "France wants to delay the ‘biggest bilateral trade deal in history' by 2 weeks after learning the USA was allegedly tracking economic communications of EU member states."

But, Wait, France Is Also Spying on People: The country has a "vast data surveillance."

While You Celebrate America's Freedom: Don't forget THEY'RE WATCHING YOU.

Morsi Is Out: Egypt's president was pushed out of office yesterday, and now Obama's going to pull foreign aid if "the generals are judged to have led a military coup under legal definitions set by Congress."

Don't Threaten to Kill the President on Twitter: A young man in Alabama has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for what he said were "stupid" jokes.

RIP Douglas Engelbart: The man who invented the computer mouse has died.

George Zimmerman Trial Update: Last year Zimmerman said he didn't know about Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, but his former college professor testified otherwise.