Yasiin Bey, formerly Mos Def, volunteered to undergo a force-feeding demonstration with the British human rights group Reprieve:

Bey has spoken out about the "war on terrorism" before. He issued a statement recently protesting Assata Shakur's addition to the FBI's Most Wanted List. In the 2004 song 'Bin Laden' with Immortal Technique, Eminem and Jadakiss, he sung the chorus: "Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects / It was you, nigga / Tell the truth, nigga / Bush knocked down the towers."

Here's Reprieve's statement about the video:

Prisoners in Guantanamo have been hunger-striking since February this year, with the total number involved now well over 100. The strike is in protest against their ongoing detention, despite the vast majority of prisoners never having been charged or tried, and over half the remaining population having even been cleared for release by the US Government. However, their peaceful protest has met with an increasingly aggressive response from camp authorities, including force-feeding and violent procedures known as 'forcible cell extractions’ (FCEs).

Commenting, Reprieve's Director and attorney for Guantanamo prisoners Clive Stafford Smith, said: "President Obama could take the steps needed to release cleared prisoners from Guantanamo any time he likes, but so far has lacked the political courage to do so. We hope that public solidarity with the hunger-strikers in Guantanamo will persuade him to change his mind."