Now You Can Shoot Men for Harassing You on the Street


what took game makers so long?!

this is amazing.

i want to play.
Oh great. It only gives ammunition to the anti-feminist crowd who crow about how women want world domination and how they promote violence against men. Why are guns always the answer to societal problems, even in jest?
After the video was over, it displayed a bunch of ads for games featuring mostly naked sexy chicks.
But 'I wanna lick you all over' is meant as a compliment you guys
"I wanna lick you all over." Funny, that's what my brain says to my hands whenever they're covered in frosting. (Which happens a lot.)
There should be a live-action version of this.
Using the tools of hyper-masculinity in an effort to combat hyper-masculinity only perpetuates a broken system.
@8 Valid, but not hilarious.
violence is cool.
Oh no, the women are becoming self aware!
Oh at last: after a half century of street harassment -- including last week -- at 63 I'm finally getting behind a video game.
@9 I know I'm a Debbie Downer, wa waah ; )
I walked by a construction site today and they nodded politely and said hello, leaving me no outlet for my bubbling rage!
"With all due respect, madame, I find myself compelled to express my appreciation of your extraordinary visage."

Would that fly?
@15, could you not at least try to go gay? For me?
Manufacturing Oppression...
This is just more crap for the landfill, in my opinion.
Where's Leisure Suit Larry when you really need him?
Would rather shoot Republicans.
@16: For you? No. Because of you? Maybe.
It seems that the people who would find this the most empowering (those who experience street harassment on a regular basis) are also the people who would find it most disturbing. I played a bit on the website and found it incredibly triggering. The semblance of satisfaction I may have experienced was overshadowed by how uncomfortable and unsafe it made me to hear so many horrifying comments like that at once, even if it was coming from a computer game.
Shooting men for catcalling is murder, so this is a game about murdering men.

Slog recently lambasted a company for making an ex-girlfriend target dummy for shooters. So, per slog, pretending to shoot women is wrong, pretending to murder men is a-ok.

But, you know, there is no such thing as misandry.
@23: God, you are one whiny asshole.
@24 ooh, did I strike a nerve? I guess getting your face rubbed in your own hypocrisy must not be much fun.
@25: I've got no particular dog in this fight. I think most first-person shooter games are crap.

I just think nothing sounds more pathetic than a whiny-ass MRA-type who has his tiny little pecker in a knot because someone, somewhere, might be threatening his precious snowflake male ego. Man the fuck up. You are a disgrace to your testes.
@26 The funny thing is, you are actually enacting sexism right here, right now. You want me to shut up and be stoic and strong because I am a man. I shouldn't be "whiny." Your attitude is exactly why our society doesn't care about prison rape, workplace injuries and deaths (which are suffered 90% plus by men), male homelessness, male suicide, male imprisonment, etc. Because men are supposed to be tough, have huge "peckers," and suffer whatever injury society heaps on us without complaining.

If you can't see that this is the flip side of the same bullshit attitude that says women are gentle flowers who should stay in the home with the kiddies, you are a fucking idiot.
@27: I don't want you to stop whining because you are a man. I want you to stop whining because whining is a pathetic and boring bullshit response.

Someone comes up with a video game you don't like, because it includes violence against men, and your response is to whine how "society doesn't care about prison rape, workplace injuries and deaths (which are suffered 90% plus by men), male homelessness, male suicide, male imprisonment." Firstly, bullshit. Secondly, if you really believe that society doesn't care about those things, then it should be apparent to you that society also doesn't care about women's health, women's work, women's safety, women's privacy, women's rights, etc. etc.

I don't think you should "suffer whatever injury society heaps on [you] without complaining," because you are a man. I think you should open your goddamned eyes to the reality of things, and recognize that things aren't always about you. It is actually possible to recognize and be concerned about women's issues without at the same time being blind to issues facing men. If you recognize the realities of an issue facing women, it does not somehow negate recognition of issues facing men.

This post is describing one response to women's feelings about the actual street harassment they face on a daily basis. Your response is "Boo hoo everyone hates men and thinks its okay to kill us!" That's just fucking whining.

And, if your concern truly is about society's ho-hum attitude towards violence against men in video games, I am sure you can find a lot more to complain about than this one game.