Bar Sajor, click to embiggen.
  • Kelly O
  • Bar Sajor, click to embiggen.

The urgent request for crab assistance (crabsistance?):

Please help us out! We will be leaving the kids behind to celebrate our 10th anniversary next weekend. We're coming down from the 'ham (BELLINGham, that is) to spend a couple nights in Seattle and would love to stuff ourselves with some sweet, delicious, fresh crab! Where oh where should we go?


First of all, NOW I WANT CRAB. Okay! What you should do is go to Bar Sajor, where they have chilled Dungeness that's socks-knocking-off good, served with a garlic mayonnaise that you will want to dip the rest of your life into. Obviously, enjoy it with a bottle of some lovely white wine. Bar Sajor is nice but not at all stuffy; perfect for the anniversary of those who don't require, say, valet parking or live piano-playing. Make a reservation!

You should also go to Taylor Shellfish's shop on Capitol Hill for MORE CRAB and maybe some oysters too and, obviously, more white wine. It's an old-school-feeling, smallish fish market with only a few tables, but they are super nice and they get the good stuff. They should have some chilled Dungeness waiting for you. You could—you should—do this for lunch, in the middle of walking around the city, hugging and kissing occasionally.

Anyone else, crab suggestions? (Crabgestions? Sorry, that sounds gross.)